Privacy Policy

This is the document, policy or agreement that defines and binds Sqool and the website user i.e. you, concerning information shared to and from you.

Types of Information Collected

Sqool collects user information such as but not limited to; names, email and postal addresses, phone numbers, faxes, gender, bio data, hobbies etcetera. We also collect information about transactions within and entailing our website.

Use of Collected Information

The collected information is used to identify and also to provide better user experience and service for our users or members and also helps keep track of your records.

Information Protection

We use three layers of security to help safeguard information shared on our website. As there is no certainty of vulnerabilities or hacking, we totally won't guarantee data exposure due the mentioned practises. We always try to keep your data safe and away from snooping hackers and online vultures.

Contact Information

The user contact information we collect is only and will be used to return the favour of contacting them where need arises or is mandatory.

Updates & Comments

Since our site has forums and other open user content areas, information shown here is not binding to this policy therefore Sqool won't be obligated to comment, answer or be liable to user comments or posts.

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