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Spectacle Frames Introduction
Spectacle FramesMetal FramesMetal.....
Common Frame Materials [Plastic]
Cellulose AcetateCellulose acetate is a clear thermoplastic polymer. Cellulose acetate was the most popular material for over 20 years, replacing the more dangerous, flammable material, cellulose.....
Common Frame Materials [Metal]
Gold FilledGold filled (rolled gold) frames have the gold (normally 10 karat) wrought over the base metal (usually a nickel based alloy) before the metal is fashioned into a frame. This frame type.....
Manipulation of Spectacle Frames
ManipulationSpectacle frames need to be manipulated to insert lenses or to adjust the frame to fit the patient. The various materials require different techniques. In this section we will consider.....
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