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Concepts and Theories
Introduction to nursing: definition; profession; philosophy; historical development and trends globally and locally; nature of nursing; concepts and philosophy of nursing- the concept of.....
Definitions of a nurse and nursing
A Nurse is a person who has completed a program of basic generalized nursing education and authorized by appropriate regulatory authority to practice nursing. The word nurse.....
Nature of nursing
Unique health profession, Art and Science. Professional practice of caring grounded in science, technology, and knowledge. Focus: Individuals,.....
Purpose of Nursing
To promote health, healing, growth and development, and to prevent disease, illness, injury, and disability. To minimize distress and suffering when people become ill or disabled, and to.....
Domain of Nursing
The specific domain of nursing is people’s unique responses to and experience of health, illness, frailty, disability and health- related life events in whatever environment or circumstances.....
Focus of Nursing
The focus of nursing is the whole person and the human response rather than a particular aspect of the person or a particular pathological condition.
Qualities and professional proficients of a nurse
Interest and willing to work and learn A warm personality and concern for people. Resourcefulness and creativity as well as a well-balanced emotional condition. Capacity.....
Nursing Profession
An occupation with a unique body of knowledge, attitude and skills required through advanced training and experience in order to provide specialized service to society. Education preparation.....
Fundamental Responsibilities of the Nurse
Promote health Prevent illness Restore health Alleviate suffering Promote spirituality
Functions of a nurse
Caregiver Clinical decision maker Patient advocate Case manager Rehabilitator Comforter Communicator Teacher
Nursing functions
Dependent: performed under delegated supervision or prior routines Independent: initiated as a result of own knowledge and skills Interdependent:.....
Nursing ethics
Nursing is based on ethical values which respect the dignity, autonomy and uniqueness of human beings, the privileged nurse- patient relationship, and the acceptance of personal accountability for decisions.....
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