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First of all, welcome to Sqool

What is Sqool..?

Sqool is a E-learning platform which is user friendly, has advanced features and is indept in knowledge to enable learners whether novice, intermediate or advanced acquire knowledge regardless of age or stage. Sqool makes it easy to revise, know and develop good learning techniques and enhances studying by challenging the learner.
Sqool comprises of professional, skilled and talented experts who came together to create a platform that shapes and nurtures learning enabling them achieve their goals. Please visit Our About Us page for more details.
We take into consideration the need for knowledge that's why our content is authenticated and updated according to the curriculum in place.
Our content is easily comprehensible and update on a daily basis to meet the educational demand. We also are knowledge oriented so our content is free and we only offer premium services where need be.

Across the Platform

Does your website support mobile devices..?

Yes..! Sqool was developed with all devices in mind. The site experience is smooth across all platforms, browsers and websites. It is compatible with all modern smartphones, tablets and all computers.
The website is futuristic in terms of features that are yet to improvised by the education platform. We have a careful crafted theme to help learners feel comfortable while learning. Our lesson content and most pages are fully screen maximized. More features are are explained here.
Yes. The whole website content is free and will always stay that way. You only subscribe where you may be needing extra premium features and functions.
Our payment processing servers are of top notch technology and all transactions reflect seconds after being made. No time wasting or lagging will be of any inconvenience to our users.

User Account

What's the dashboard..?

It is the one stop page where you can access most of the platform's features, your profile and statistics and also the progress you have made across the Sqool platform. You can also get notified of important catch ups and messages here.
To access full platform features, save your learning and exam progress, post and comment across the plarform, download and bookmark academic resources, you need to have a |Sqool user account.
First log in to your account then click on the avatar on top of the page. Select Profile from the drop down menu. Remember to click save or update buttons save any applicable changes or added information.
Yes. Our site fully supports dark theming and for those who want to go ease on the eyes or at night. You can select this mode quickly by switching it on using the button next to the avatar icon (when logged in) or the login button . Remember to click Your Theme Preference for the effect to take place.

Subscriptions Plans

What are the available payment options..?

We accept all popular payment methods. Please refer to all our payment options here.
Yes and No. Our billing policy has the terms binding you to a transaction. Please read the policy terms here.
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