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Sqool was founded back in 2015 and the platform has ever since grown to be one of the leading eLearning websites across the globe. The main objectives and the visionary road that Sqool is based on, is to guide learners in effective and comprehensive studying while conjucting them with advanced and current trends in todays' world.
The Sqool platform is purely a heartsome project made entirely for the love of learning. All platform features, challenges, educational materials and forums were created to provide a massive ecosystem for learning thereby enabling students connect and share knowledge without confliction and at ease.
Below is the indepth processes and paths we followed till we got crowned as the best eLearning platform thereby raising the bar in futuristic empowerment of education.

Platform Creation

Our site is built by a creative personnel who took into consideration all the elements, situations, browsing and user experience to customize Sqool to meet all expectations and perform perfectly in any circumstance.

Content Quality

Sqool offers authenticated content that's is carefully analysed and edited to meet the set curriculum requirements. References are also captioned below every lesson for more information and details.

Skill Harness

We offer knowledge to help learners develop skills, talent and also make them aware of the current trending innovations to better them. The world is need of skilled people that's why Sqool made categories to enable meet that demand.

Innovative Upgrades

Our main motto and vision is passion driven so we are always ahead of the pack of any competing education platform out there. We update our site with every new ideas that are essential and that may help enhance the learning experience.

User Experience

We invested time in our this website project to enable the learner use it with ease and make it most friendly to novice users. The content is well adjusted to fit in the screen area of any browsing device that is being used to access Sqool.

Pocket Friendly

Sqool's content is free. Our site doesn't need any subscriptions to read, or browse the contents that you need to study. We offer economical premium features but only where the need arises and also to pay bills.

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